ReStore truck

Pickup service

*** We have temporarily stopped scheduling residential pickups but we hope to resume service in the near future! Please call us at 605-274-6287 if you have any questions about this change.***

Typically throughout the year, the ReStore makes is easy for you to donate your materials. We’ve got the big white truck for that!

For the safest, most efficient pickups, you will follow these guidelines:

  • Have all materials stacked and easily accessible
  • Please mark all items “ReStore”
  • Absolutely no hazardous materials
  • We are unable to haul away trash
  • Items must be outside or in a garage. We are not permitted to carry items out of the house or basement.

As we are only able to accept reusable materials, our staff may have to decline some materials at the time of pickup.

Get a Receipt

You can get a receipt when you donate your items. Store restrictions and legal obligations do not allow us to place a value on your donated items. Feel free to fill out the receipt and place value on your items for tax deduction purposes.

* Please note that if you would like to arrange pickup for an upholstered item, you’ll need to send a picture of the upholstered item beforehand to