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Every donation helps build & repair homes.

Thank you for supporting the Habitat mission through a donation to our ReStore! Before you drop off your item(s), please check these lists to see if we can or cannot accept your donation.

Donation Hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Schedule a Donation Pickup

Call (605) 274-6287 or fill out our online donation pickup form.

Donation Guide


  • Appliances must be clean and in 100% working order.
  • They must have all knobs, trays, burners, shelves, etc.
  • Please include owner’s manual if you have one as they add value to your donation.
  • Dishwashers need to be manufactured after 2012 and be free of rust.

Building Materials

We accept building materials like nails, screws, new insulation, joist hangers, vent covers, etc.

Cabinets & Countertops

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops are accepted.
  • They can be the whole set or individual units.
  • Medicine cabinets are also accepted.

Ceiling Fans

We accept ceiling fans if they are complete and in working condition.


  • We accept doors if they are in good condition.
  • They must not have holes, cracks, rot, ect.
  • It is best to have the doorknobs removed and bagged.
  • Garage doors and door openers are also accepted.

Electrical Parts

  • We accept electrical parts, wires, plugs, plates and hardware associated with electrical wiring.
  • This does not include electronic devices. We will not take computers, monitors, stereos, etc.


  • Carpet: We will accept carpeting if it does not have stains or worn areas. However, we do not accept shag carpet.
  • Rugs: We will accept rugs if they are in like-new condition.
  • Vinyl, Tile, Hardwood & Laminate: We will accept this flooring in quantities of two boxes or more and if it’s new or in like-new condition. Please do not bring loose flooring.


  • We accept furniture upon inspection. It must be in good condition.
  • Please do not bring mattresses, bedframes, headboards or cribs. We cannot accept them.


We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc. as long as it’s not rusty.

Home Goods

Home goods like decor and wall art are accepted upon inspection.


  • We accept most light fixtures and light bulbs in working condition.
  • Please do not bring fluorescent bulbs or fixtures. We cannot accept them.

Lumber & Trim

We accept lumber and trim in pieces over four feet in length with no rot, nails or screws.


  • Mirrors must be framed.
  • There cannot be cracks or chips in the mirror.

Pipe & PVC

  • We accept pieces of pipe, PVC, metal and copper over four feet in length.
  • We accept all fittings.


  • Tubs, Sinks & Showers: We accept these if they are clean and in good condition. However, we do not accept cast iron sinks or tubs.
  • Toilets: We accept toilets only if they are in working condition and are the low flush (1.6 gallon) type. They must be very clean. We will not take a dirty toilet under any circumstances.

Roofing, Shingles & Gutters

  • We accept most roofing material donations.
  • Shingles must be bundled in complete packages.
  • Metal roofing, guttering, soffit, etc. should be in full lengths.
  • We will not accept rusty, bent or damaged pieces.

Sheetrock & Plywood

  • We accept full or half sheets of sheetrock and plywood.
  • Please do not bring scraps as we cannot accept them.

Tools, Lawn & Garden Equipment

  • Equipment must be in 100% working condition and include all the parts.
  • Please do not bring battery-operated tools as we cannot accept them.

Windows & Screens

  • We accept doubled-paned windows of all types if the glass is intact.
  • If the windows are casement type, we appreciate having the hardware and cranks.
  • Please do not bring windows with damaged casing or cracked/missing panes.
  • Windows and screens must be less than 10 years old to be accepted.

Item Not on the List?

  • Scroll up to check our “Items We Cannot Accept” list.
  • If your item is not one of the listed things we do not accept, give us a call at (605) 330-1950 and see if we will accept your item. Our list is not exhaustive, and we may still be able to take your item.

Bed Frames & Headboards

Box Springs & Mattresses

Chemicals & Hazardous Materials

Clothing & Shoes

Commercial Doors

Cordless & Battery-Operated Tools


Fluorescent Lights & Fixtures


Lead-Based Materials

Linens & Bedding

Mildew or Black Mold-Containing Items


Toys, Baby Products & Cribs

Unframed Mirrors

Water Softeners

Window Coverings & Blinds

Donation FAQs

Yes! When in doubt, please call us at (605) 330-1950 to ask us about a donation. We’ll ask some questions about the item(s) and determine whether we’ll accept them.

Yes, you can get a receipt when you donate your items. Store restrictions and legal obligations do not allow us to place a value on your donated items. Feel free to fill out the receipt and place value on your items for tax deduction purposes.

There are a few reasons we may not accept an item –

  • Legal restrictions prevent us from accepting some items.
  • We have limited storage capacity, and your item may take up too much space.
  • We are overstocked on the type of item you brought in.

If we are unable to accept your donation, these donation and disposal centers may be able to assist you. We are unable to dispose of your items in our dumpsters.