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Meet Dana

November 2021

Dana and her daughter, Oaklee, are eagerly awaiting the completion of their home in Habitat’s new development, Millard Acres, located in Northeast Sioux Falls. Dana is a full-time support expert with Midco. She is excited about the new memories that she and Oaklee will be able to make in their own home. Homeownership will provide stability, a sense of pride and accomplishment and an opportunity to grow financially.

Dana has already completed many of the 300 sweat equity hours that are required for Habitat partners to complete before purchasing a Habitat house. If you volunteer with Habitat, you may get a chance to work with Dana! She is always willing to share her story and her knowledge about the Habitat program with volunteers.

Oaklee is looking forward to having her own bedroom and having other children around who can play with her.

Update: Dana and Oaklee moved into their new home in Habitat’s Millard Acres development in June of 2022!


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