The Gift of Revitalization

This holiday season, we want to thank all of our donors and volunteers for helping us fulfill our mission of building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in Greater Sioux Falls. We’re known for building homes, but that is not all we do. With your help we…

Revitalize our Workforce.

We partner with Southeast Technical College and CTE Academy in Sioux Falls to build homes each year. Donations to Habitat provide the materials needed for their students to learn the construction process from the ground up. They gain essential skills and have valuable construction experience, leading to a better equipped workforce in our area to provide housing for generations to come.

Revitalize our Neighborhoods.

The cost of home repairs and the difficulty in finding a contractor prevented many South Dakota homeowners from getting critical repair work done. To help fill this gap in our area, we committed to increasing our ability to offer affordable home repairs to our low-income neighbors. Now 100 households have had affordable home repairs completed this year, preventing our neighborhoods from falling into disrepair.

Revitalize our Community.

When families have a home, it’s so much more than just a roof over their heads. Homeownership empowers families to create stable lives, improve their job and educational opportunities and invest back into the community where they live.

Thank you for helping us build futures for local students and families.