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Build futures with your time and resources.

All gifts to Habitat help people in our community build safety, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Whether you’re lowering our construction costs with your donation of skilled construction labor or providing the next piece of land on which we can build, we thank you for investing in the lives of local individuals and families.

Donate Materials

Do you or your company have unused building materials, hardware or related supplies? Consider donating these materials to Habitat! All of our material donations are sold in our ReStore to raise money for our home builds. You’ll free up space and help a local family realize their dream of homeownership!

Contact our ReStore staff at (605) 274-6287 or email to learn more.

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Donate Skilled Labor & Construction Services

Are you interested in sharing your professional skill set with Habitat? While we use volunteers for the majority of the construction work completed on our homes, there are a few types of services that regular volunteers are not able to perform –

 • Sewer and water installation
 • Concrete
 • Plumbing
 • Electrical work
 • Roofing
 • Drywall finishing

If you or your company are licensed, insured and committed to completing the entirety of any of these projects, we’d love to partner with you!

Please contact our construction manager at (605) 274-6288 or email for more information about donating services.

Donate Land

Land is a valuable gift in our area. However, the costs of land can grow through one generation’s lifetime to become a significant tax burden for the next. What do you do when the land you’ve loved so much threatens to be a financial burden for your family? Consider a donation to Habitat.

Finding land is the first step in our building process, so we know how valuable it is. We’re always looking for land to develop and build on, but we will also accept land gifts that include existing housing. The land will continue to serve as a firm foundation for the community and the next generation.

Below are a few ways you can donate land to Habitat. Gifts can include undeveloped land or residential and commercial property. Please consider this information as a starting point. With all charitable gifts, it’s important to consult with your attorney or financial advisor to ensure that you comply with state laws, receive maximum tax benefits and secure your wishes in the necessary legal documents. We would be happy to meet with you throughout this process and provide recommendations on where to begin.

For more information contact us at (605) 274-6280 or email

Ways to Donate Land to Habitat
An Outright Gift

This is the simplest way to make a gift during your life. If you have real property that you’d like to give away now, you can transfer the property to Habitat. You’ll pay $0 in capital gains taxes, and you get the charitable deduction for full market value of the property. Depending on where your property is located, Habitat may be able to build a house or decide to sell the property and use the proceeds to further our mission.

A Life Estate Gift

If you’d like to give your home or land to Habitat, but you still need to use the property or gain income from it during your lifetime or a set number of years, a life estate may be your best option. This will ensure that you retain control and use of your home, farm, vacation or rental property and that Habitat will receive the property at your death with few transfer costs. This transfer also avoids probate court and still gives you a charitable deduction on your income taxes that can be carried over for five years if not used in full.

Bargain Sale

If you need to sell property that is highly appreciated in value and are looking for ways to benefit Habitat and pay less in taxes, consider a bargain sale. This allows you to sell the property to Habitat for less than fair market value. In return you will pay less in capital gains taxes and receive a charitable deduction for the amount of the gift.

Life Income Gift

If you have property you no longer need income from because it increases your income and estate tax exposure but still want to pass the property to your children, consider a charitable lead trust. If you or your children still desire to get an income stream from the trust for a set number of years or for life, then a charitable remainder trust may be a better fit.

These trusts may sound complicated, but when you work with a professional, they are easy to put together and understand. The best part is they provide a flexible framework that maximizes your tax savings and benefits Habitat at a far greater level than you would have without the trust. These trusts can also be used with other assets like retirement accounts, investment accounts, stocks and bonds.

Designate a Gift at Death

A bequest or specific distribution is the simplest way to make a gift at your death. There is no lifetime impact to Habitat or to yourself when you make a gift at death, but if you have a taxable estate, there may be potential estate tax benefits. Simply name Habitat in your will or your trust to receive a portion of your estate or a specific property.

We recommend, but do not require, that you discuss any bequests or specific distributions with Habitat prior to making the gift to make things easier on your beneficiaries and on Habitat. For example, you can direct the funds to help build a house, complete home repairs or provide education. By talking with us, we’re able to ask questions to ensure your gift is utilized as you intended.